Musings from a Funeral

My wife hails from a very large family. She is one of four siblings. Her Dad was one of six or seven siblings and her mother is one of seven. So as you can imagine there are quite a few aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and funerals. For the last decade or so we have had at least one funeral a year.  Continue reading Musings from a Funeral

Towards a new life

For quite a while now The Mrs and I have been talking extensively about how we need a “do-over.” I have lived all but five years of my life in the same town. She only moved 90 miles from the town that she grew up in and has lived here with me for a little over twenty-five years. So, as you can imagine, things have grown a little stale for us. Our kids are all grown and will be out on their own in the next few years. When they are gone we plan to move to another state where neither of us has family or friends. We hope to have a “do-over.” We want everything to be new. New car, new house, new clothes, new lifestyle, a new way of thinking, everything is to be new. 
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Fiction vs. Reality on FB

Fiction vs. Reality on Facebook

In the last couple of days I have seen some stories on Facebook passed off as “real” news that actually make me fearful for the future of the human race. We have become so obsessed and self-indulgent that we can no longer separate reality from fiction. One of these stories was highly critical of sonograms. Another one would have us believe that this is really the year 2050 and we are all hooked up to a machine and are in a shared computer-generated illusion. Yet another one would have us believe that all vaccines are going to kill us. The grossest one involved the use of aborted fetuses in weird science experiments creating new life forms. Anyone who knows how to read books and chooses to do so occasionally should know that these “news” stories are not “news” at all but are the plots much older (and better) fictional works.  Continue reading Fiction vs. Reality on FB

My glorious return!!

On 31 May 2009 I started this blog with the hopes of becoming the next big thing in religious blogging. Well, that never happened and the blog drifted away from religious themes. I changed from religious themed posts and into whatever my bizarre brain could come up with. However, I did manage to put out almost 1,500 posts in that six years and some of them were even worth reading. Something in the neighbourhood of 7000 of you gave me somewhere over 20,000 views.  Continue reading My glorious return!!

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadow


While this painting is not one of my favourites I believe that our present culture has become so instantaneous and decadent that it can not produce high art like this. We have been programmed to seek after entertainment. Intelligent art eludes most of us.

Break the mould and expand your horizons today.