Ode to the Farmer’s Market

We go to the local farmer’s market on a regular basis. We have gotten away from the canned and processed foods that you find in the supermarket.  I don’t really know how much of the food at the farmer’s market is organic or pesticide free or is non-gmo or whatever. I don’t really care either. I think most of the talk about that stuff is mostly bs to scare us into submission. I presume that because of the trend in healthy eating that most of the food at the farmer’s market fits within the guidelines of organic.
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Principle over Party

Most of the time I try not to do anything philosophical online. I am not one to argue politics or religion or whatever. Believe whatever you want and I won’t bother you about it. Politics, religion, economic theories, social theories are all pretty much religions in that they are all based upon some axioms which require a great deal of faith to believe.  Continue reading Principle over Party

Keurig: The Most Evil Thing in the Universe

I have never understood the fascination with making coffee pots smaller. They used to be supposedly 12 cup then they dropped to supposedly 10 and then the powers that be made a stupid four cup contraption. And now in the hipster/yuppies they have decided to make the worst evil of them all the Keurig Single Cup coffeemaker.

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Student Loans: The Solution

After the oil bust of the late 1980s I met a geologist. This guy was an uberqualified geologist. He had every degree he could get in the field. I even think that he held a doctorate in geology. He had the highest honors attainable in his profession from just about every one of the major geological societies.

He worked as a bicycle mechanic.

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SSG Jason Reeves and the Reason for Memorial Day

One of the problems with the 1971 decision to move some federal holidays to Mondays is that some of the holidays have lost their significance. The government would not make national holidays just to eat barbecue and drink gallons of beer. The holiday move, which was done to give Americans a three-day weekend, has allowed the booboisie to redefine some holidays in ways not intended.  A prime example of the is President’s Day. Just to set the record straight there is no federal holiday called President’s Day. That is a Madison Avenue construct. The actual federal holiday in February is called Washington’s Birthday in honor of the father of our country.

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